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Here we have some testimonials of which some cases maybe familiar to you as the learning process in many ways remains the same.
We have highlighted what is important for you and us: 

  • driving student who just passed

    Nikki Harsh:              female, age 34, originally from Croatia, has been in the UK for a long time, she was on hold of a Croatian driving license and international driving license of which she was able to drive in the UK for one year, which unfortunately international license only can be used in the UK for one year, she used to rely on friends and husband for lifts and pick ups,  she takes children to school on foot even in bad weather conditions, she wanted to have a full UK license so she booked with us where she found out she had a few bad habits to get rid of, the main one was hand brake use and the use of mirrors when coming into a new road, all of significant importance as they can easily create problems for driving and eventually hit her hard at the time of the exam. Axis saw these problems and told her straight as it was, the cause and the remedy. It took her about 5 lessons to be ready. We told her when she should book for her practical test which she past on her second attempt (reliable). Nikki was so happy she quoted "I was at the beginning really nervous, men used to put me down as a female driver, when axis told me that this shouldn't be like that and why I thought this could be a nice beginning and it was a nice end too." Build Confidence with Axis driving.

  • student just passed driving test

    Sylvia Ryson:             female, age 31, originally from Germany, has been in the UK since age 20, she was a beginner, she new what a car was and it's instrument however that was more or less it. she was encouraged to take lessons as her work would providing her with a car and a significant  bonus extra a year in wages, which  meant not more journeys on buses to get to work. As she used to cycle to work she knew some of the driving on the roads techniques which was handy at the time when she wanted to start the lessons, she used to have lessons in the evening as she was working from 9 to 5pm every week day (flexibility), she was a quite methodical person so she liked writting down almost everything said in the lesson so she could remember it next time, she requested to be assessed and mark on her drivers record report so she could measure her progress, it worked for her after some months of practising at least 3 times a week, she quoted " I've got it, i've got it, I have plans to go somewhere when I get my first car". Build Confidence with Axis driving.

  • student just passed driving test

    Christina Welsh:      female, age 17, from Kent, has been practising for the theory test which she completed while practising with Axis, she started from scratch where she was shown basic start, she was already driving more confident by her 6th lesson, her biggest problem was mirrors and some of the manoeuvres like reverse left where touching kerb was a problem, she set her practical exam for 2 month after she passed the theory test, she passed her exam in her second attempt !  she quoted  " I did a silly mistake the very first time on my practical test that happen to be a serious mistake, so I was aware myself of what I did wrong at the time it happened, even though I knew what was right or wrong I did a silly mistake and cost me dearly,  Axis told me not to give up, that best drivers on the road are those who happen to fail some of the exams, I realised this and continue, now I'm so happy to have passed". Build Confidence with Axis driving.

  • student just passed driving test

    Robert Aldridge:        male, student age 21, originally from north London but currently doing a degree on French Studies at Portsmouth University, he was visiting and stayed at his parents in north London from where he stayed 2 month roughly, he contacted Axis and explained that he would like to get his full license, hopefully before his summer holidays finishes and asked if was possible then we replied that it was possible plus it was really necessary to be constant to achieve this (deadline given). Robert was really fast at picking up the skills required for the exam, from where turn in the road manoeuvre was his all time favourite. we took care of everything from the beginning to the end.
    Once he was ready and felt confident for the exam we decided that he was finally ready for the test from where he successfully past first time. he said "I am really really happy now I can rent a car next time I travel abroad, They were very good at having a replacement instructor for me when my usual instructor went sick for a few days near my test date, luckily everything fit into place in no time as the next instructor was as good as the first one.".  Build Confidence with Axis driving

  • student just passed driving test

    Liz Jegede:                female, age 26, originally from south London, she was working for the BBC at the time, she decided to go for the UK full license before she was going to move to settle down in Sicily in Italy. Her practical exam coming meant  this would be her first attempt.  She contacted us and asked us to draw a precise plan to follow up to the last week of she staying in the UK, we gave her a package where the practical exam was included at the end of the practice. She picked up things quite quickly and on those subjects she wasn't so sure she would come back to us from which we were happy to explain her in details.  when she passed, happily she said "do you want the bad news or the good news, ok the bad news is I have to go to work, the good news is I PASSED" she also gave us the business name she would working in while Italy. www.siciliaoffroad.com.     Build Confidence with Axis Driving 

  • student just passed driving test

    Paul Porter:               male, age 35, originally from Wales, he is married and has a son age 8, after working for sometime in a bank, he decides to give up his job to look after his son as his wife had a good stable job, he contacted us and ask us if we could provide an intensive crash course for the week he was intending to pass, it took him over 30 hours in a period of 8 days to complete the course, he started with manual gear box then decided to change gear box and eventually pass in automatic. he said to us “I was very committed to pass so it was the pressure when doing this course but was great because I felt how my progress build up on the every day basis. I had another problem, this was that I wanted to be collected in one place and finish at a different location, I was lucky that this was not issue to continue with my course. When I spoke to the office they said that having different pick up location points was not an issue.”
        Build Confidence with Axis Driving

  • student just passed driving test

    Sarah Nava: Late test notice
    My experience with Axis Driving School has been a very good one, having tried two others over a span of two years. I was hesitant as to whether taking a test London was good idea, having busier roads but considering the fact that I had relocated, I was determined to give it a go. Julian has very good skill in teaching and delivering driving lessons. He has a good approach to the students and listens well and gauges from which angle they come from in terms of understanding the lessons. He comes across as sincere and unbiased. For the practical lessons, Julian uses prepared diagram and graphics to enhance understanding. He certainly knows how to prepare students for the test. He also actually explained the technicalities of working travel of the handbrake which to me makes more sense than just trying to memorise the 'show me and tell me' Repetitive methods on weaker points have made a difference in honing good driving skills, for example roundabouts. The driving lessons were planned well and put me in good stead for the test. Also the reminder that 'safety first' was very important and not to worry or be intimidated by drivers behind came in very useful during lessons and during the test itself. Many of the main points highlighted were succinct and to the point. They were clear to understand and remember. I would highly recommend Axis Driving School to anyone at regardless of what level they are at as they would not regret it. Build Confidence with Axis Driving

  • student just passed driving test

    Thank you letter sent to us:        I am writing with regards to the driving lessons that I took with Axis.
    Back in April I have decided that I would like to take some driving lessons which I have postponed for such a long time. What I really enjoyed about this school is that they have set an appointment for me the same week so really quick and reliable (and didn’t have time to change my mind) 
    I have to say that I wasn’t really courageous regarding driving and I was hoping the instructor will cancel the lesson. But after my first lesson I was happy I decided to carry on because the instructor Julian was very helpful and very calm and that made me feel comfortable as a new driver you need to feel you are not under pressure.

    After taking 30 hours, I have decided to book the exam and I have managed to pass from my first attempt.
    I would like to say a big thank you to Julian, and I would highly recommend that for all new and inexperienced drivers like I was some time ago. The instructors are very flexible, other wise I couldn’t have took the lessons as I am working during the week and study on Saturday, but they made sure they provided me with the service at my own convenience.
    The most important thing that I have been taught in one of the last lessons is that on the day of the test they actually asses you on your skills and if you have done a mistake you should be ready to correct that. This gave me such a great confidence. Thank you very much guys.

    If you decided to go for the driving lessons I would recommend this school as it is reliable, flexible and cheaper than what you find on the market.

    Any questions feel free to ask.

    Ramona Vlad (Facebook)

  • student just passed driving test

    Andrey Shachkov Dear Sirs, herewith I'd like to express my gratitude to Alvaro - instructor of Axis driving school who was patient and helpful to the point of making possible my passing the practical driving test within less than a day after starting the driving test within less a day after starting the driving lessons.
    Before going to Axis Driving School I already had some driving experience and my intention was intention was simply to rent a car for the test with them and maybe to take one-hour lesson in order to try a left-hand gearbox as before I drove cars with gearbox on the right only.
    I made an appointment for a driving lesson for 6pm on Friday and another one for the exam for 8am next morning.
    At 6pm sharp I was already behind the wheel ready to practice.
    All the formalities done the lesson started. First I had to show my skills. Having done everything in a way I was always used to I didn't feel any clouds gathering over my head.
    I felt quite confident and happy with my driving.
    The instructor's verdict was more than disappointing as he found my driving style dangerous and not meeting the test requirements in numerous ways, his suggestion was to cancel the test and having more practice.
    Unfortunately it was too late to cancel the test and the decision was taken to make a 25 lessons program in 5 hours starting immediately.
    We drove all around, practicing and doing various drills. Alvaro was giving instructions, correcting my faults and all I needed to do was to understand and memorize what a really safe driving meant in order to be able to pass the test.
    The instructor was really strict and not even a minor mistake could escape his attention. I had an impression that hundreds of thousands of kilometres driven before had been driven by someone else and not by me, steering, observing, signalling - everything was to be learnt again...
    At 10pm we stopped and agreed to continue the next morning at 530am, at a quarter to 8 on Saturday, after having finished the last drills from the driving program, we entered the test centre parking. As we still had some time left we continued practicing bay parking until it was time to go inside.
    I didn't really think that I had any chance to pass and was therefore determined to consider the test as just another driving lesson. During the test i was calm and tried to everything as Alvaro had instructed me. 40 minutes passed really quickly and I felt that I was doing quite well.
    After finally found out that I passed with only one minor mistake I was really overwhelmed with joy and gratitude to the instructor.
    I believe that even if I knew how to do everything in principle - I would never have passed without this additional practical guidance that finally put me on the right track. If anyone is in doubt I recommend wasting no time and practising with the instructor.
    Thank you again, Alvaro. 

* Subject to individuals motivation and commitment. Testimonial in this page is updated each month from the best personal testimonials collected at the time. Some of the names has been slightly modified in the spelling in order to protect our customer right of privacy, however some of the students has approved to be contacted (by phone, facebook) should you require further reference. Please go to Contact Us link.  

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