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As we aware Google seem to prioritise links that any website (including ghost websites brings, "ghost" which means no real purpose in the cyber world to be there only create extra sponsorship for fake websites) this website can affect how real hard working businesses like ours can be seen/viewed (clients finding us out on the web) in the cyber world , so we have created this page dedicated for real business to hold each other against a fight with the ghost businesses, below is a form for which we can garantee to submit (you link will be seen) on our website as long as:

* Your business are relative to what we do and don't seem to interfere with our product or logistic(location)
* You can be contacted and can confirm your business name and purpose
* You can be reciprocal and put our website name a website page of your website
* Should you need further assurance that we are genuine call us at any time





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